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    Tiny Feet for sale on Etsy!

    Tiny Feet on Etsy!
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    Blythecon Europe 2013 Photos <3

    All the photos on this set http://www.flickr.com/photos/bom_bom/sets/72157634326633594/

    More pretties with the gift props of this year :) #blytheconeu #blytheconeurope #tinyfeetmagazine #bceu2013 #bceu

    Froulein Suzi sooo nice to see you again! ****

    With sweet dollimix <3 #blytheconeu #blytheconeurope #tinyfeetmagazine #sugardollshop (at casa capell)

    Hello there lovelies :) #blytheconeu #blytheconeurope #tinyfeetmagazine #sugardollshop (at casa capell)

    Nanuka and Nerea with theis lips soooo cute!! #blytheconeu #blytheconeurope #tinyfeetmagazine #sugardollshop #bceu (at casa capell)

    it’s about to open for the public! #blytheconeu #blytheconeurope #tinyfeetmagazine #sugardollshop #bceu (at casa capell)

    everyone is setting up already! #blytheconeu #blytheconeurope #tinyfeetmagazine #sugardollshop (at casa capell)

    Tiny Feet gifts for BCEU yay!!! This year I made little lips as photos props to give away at the event! Come by our stall and get yours for free! #blytheconeurope #bceu #tinyfeetmagazine


    Meet me at Blythecon Europe!! on Flickr.

    Ok so not so many days left before the event that I have been preparing for some time…
    As you may know by now I will be there with a stall featuring Tiny Feet and SugarDoll, so magazines (paper and digital) will be available (YAY!) as well as a new clothing collection for Blythe!

    BCEU staff also invited me to give a little talk about the magazine, you can still sign up for it and join the chat!

    Are you also going? Please come meet me and say hello!
    (here’s a pic of me so you can recognize my smile eheheh)

    If you were ever part of Tiny Feet, either a contributor in any way or a sponsor and you are going also, please let me know! I want to bring a little gift to all those that make Tiny Feet as special as it is!

    See you there!!
    I’m very exited about this, can you tell? ^___^

    Puting together Tiny Feet gifts! These will be for this year gifts, can you guess what it will be this time? Last year it was paper frames :)

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